March 26, 2010

Marve's first interview an eventful one

Robert Marve's first interview of the spring was certainly one to remember.

Marve brought a good chunk of Purdue's offensive line with him as the big, burly Boilermakers surrounded the Tampa, Fla., native as he talked to the handful of media members on hand outside the Mollenkopf Athletic Center. asked the 6-foot-1, 210-pound quarterback why he brought so many offensive linemen with him to talk with the media.

"These are my guys and we feel good about each other," Marve said.

The offensive line chimed in by saying they protect him as one said, "Anybody touches him, they have to answer to us."

Marve followed that up by saying, "The interview process is real scary so I (wanted) to make sure I was alright."

Coach Danny Hope wasn't surprised at all by the way Marve decided to conduct the interview.

"He's a great teammate, he really is," Hope said. "Even last year sitting out ineligible he was a great teammate. He wants to win, cares about his teammates, is a people person. He's always got a group of guys around him and does a great job of gathering them up anytime they have extra work to do so I'm not surprised to see him sharing his first interview with his teammates and he's a smart quarterback sharing it with the offensive line obviously.

"That was great to see that. That was fun to come up here and see those guys all gathered up like that."

So are the offensive linemen going to accompany Marve to most if not all interviews this year?

"This is probably the most I'm going to talk," he said. "They're going to get the rest of the interview."

Marve opted to brag about the offensive line rather than talk about the ongoing battle between himself, Caleb TerBush and Rob Henry to replace Joey Elliott as the Boilermakers' starting quarterback.

"I think the offensive line is going to be great this year," Marve said. "It's going to make it easy."

Then Marve turned to a few of his surrounding linemen and asked them how he thought the o-line would be.

"They make everybody's life pretty easy so as long as these boys keep giving us the ball back there everything is going to go smooth," Marve said.

So back to the quarterback situation, does the Miami (Fla.) transfer think it's a three-man race for the No. 1 spot?

"Like I said, these boys make it easy for me so as long as Brew (Andrew Brewer) has it, I've got it I feel," Marve said. "As long as (Rick) Schmeig has it, I've got it …

"We're just going to have fun. We all came to Purdue for a winning reason and I feel like we have a great chance here to win the Rose Bowl."

After Marve announced his decision to transfer to Purdue late last spring, he injured his knee and had to have surgery.

"My knee feels good," said Marve, who tore his anterior cruciate ligament, and asked the o-linemen present if they had suffered a similar injury. "We're all good."

Marve sat out the 2009 season due to NCAA transfer rules. He said he's enjoyed the year despite having to be a spectator.

"It's been a fun year," Marve said. "I've gotten to hang out with people like Colt(on) McKey (an offensive tackle). Colt how has your year gone? (Guard) Xavier (Melton) you been good? … I think we all had a pretty good year."

It's easy sense how much Marve is enjoying his time at Purdue and seems to be fitting in quite well with his teammates.

"It's a good feeling when you can get with your linemen and receivers and you know everybody has your back," Marve said. "That's kind of rare in college football just from being around a little bit. I feel very good about having my friends on the team. When you've got friends and people you trust and care about, it's easy to play the game of football."

Is it important that he emerge as Purdue's starting quarterback during spring practice or immediately following?

"I think it's important for everybody to emerge," Marve said. "… I think anyone picks a schools to be the guy, but I came here to get a degree and get my life back in order."

After fielding a few more questions, including one to compare and contrast his style versus Henry and TerBush's, Marve said, "I don't want to talk about myself."

"… You have to compete anywhere. We have two guys at center who are competing and they're great friends. Everyone is friends on the team. We're just going to have fun playing ball. We're not worried about all the drama that goes (with) who's first, who's second and who's third. We're all going to work as hard as we can, we lift all off season, we're tired of lifting, we just want to get on the field and play some ball."

A player that Marve is throwing a lot of balls to during spring drills and likely will be this fall is tight end Kyle Adams.

Needless to say Adams has been impressed with what he's seen from Marve thus far.

"He's been doing really well," said Adams about Marve. "He's a good leader, has a great arm. He's a well-rounded quarterback. He's accurate, can put the ball where it needs to be."

Adams added the Marve has more velocity that former Purdue quarterback and current Colts signal caller Curtis Painter.

"I'm not going to lie to you, when I'm running a dig or something I'm like, 'Dang you can take something off of that,'" Adams said. "Yeah he throws it hard."

Speaking of NFL quarterbacks, Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees' name was brought up to Marve, who was asked if he ever thinks about following in Brees' footsteps and possibly one day playing in the NFL.

"He's a great hero to look up to," Marve said. "I already looked up to him before he won the Super Bowl. I think he's a great person off the field. I think that's a lot more important than what he did on the field, but obviously his accomplishments are superior to anything anyone else has done."

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