September 24, 2012

Photo story: Miracle

This Saturday will serve as the 11-year anniversary of one greatest last-minute comebacks in Purdue football history.

Just 18 days after the 9/11 attacks, fans in Boilermaker country were given a respite from the national malaise after witnessing last-second execution not seen often before or since in a college game.

The Boilermakers were dead in the water in the Metrodome, standing at their own 3 with 19 seconds left. And who would have thought it would be Brandon Hance that would lead them on the drive. And of course, the ability to get the field goal unit on the field and snap the ball before time expired, or the refs could get under the goal posts to determine whether the kick was good or not, was a testament to being cool under pressure for coaches and players alike.

It was a key moment for Dorsch, too, nailing the 48-yarder as time expired as it catupulted him into the national spotlight. He became an All-American as a punter in 2001, Purdue's first consensus pick in 15 years, but the notoriety from this play couldn't hurt his name recognition.

In retrospect, you couldn't help but be happy for Dorsch, who had lived the ups and down of being a kicker at Purdue during his previous three years. The play was one of the last hightlights of the 2001 season, as the Boilermakers skidded to a 6-6 record.

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