GoldandBlack - Predictions: Purdue-Ohio State
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Welcome once again to’s weekly Purdue game prediction. After five-straight wins, Purdue has dropped four straight. Will the Boilermakers ever win again? Well, they’ve got two chances to pick up that sixth win, otherwise the consecutive bowl streak will be snapped. Will they get that bowl clincher against the Buckeyes? Scroll down to find out.
Kyle Charters (6-3)
Why does it seem that the Boilers are always playing a team at the wrong time?
With Troy Smith in at quarterback and Teddy Ginn, Jr., all over the field, the Buckeyes seem to have found an offense after early season struggles.
I see a low-scoring game with special teams deciding the outcome. Despite that, I also see a Boiler victory.
Purdue 16, Ohio State 13
Doug Griffiths (5-4)
Coach Joe Tiller’s Boilermakers are undefeated against unranked Big Ten teams at home (17-0).
We’re going to say that trend will continue and somehow, someway Purdue will find a way to win a game rather than lose one.
Purdue 20, Ohio State 16
Alan Karpick (6-3)
The ball finally bounces right for the Boilermakers as they grind out a three-point win in the cold and dark of night in Ross-Ade Stadium.
It’s about time the ball bounced Purdue’s way.
Purdue 19, Ohio State 16
Brian Neubert (5-4)
For me, it would be easier to gnaw my own arm off than it would be to pick Purdue considering the events of the past few weeks.
Last week, I picked an Iowa team that wins close game over a Purdue team that loses them. The same principle would apply this weekend. I don't think this is a good matchup for Purdue, but I do firmly believe the Boilermakers are a good football team, and they're bound to show it again at some point. So, with teeth to forearm, I reluctantly cast my prediction ...
Purdue 21, Ohio State 17
Kevin Noon, (6-3)
Ohio State will win if it doesn’t get caught up in the off-field distractions.
The Buckeyes were starting to show signs of life before the Clarett situation flared up again. Even if OSU is able to avoid this distraction, it will have its hands full with a hard-luck Boilermakers team.
Ohio State must get pressure on Purdue’s quarterback or run the risk of being picked apart in the mid-range passing game.
Ohio State 24, Purdue 20
Keith Thomas (5-4)
I had no problem picking the Boilermakers when they were on a roll. That said, now that they are another kind of a roll, I don’t mind picking for the streak to continue.
Sorry gang … I’m all out of Kool Aid.
It’s going to be like 2000 all over again — a must win with IU in town to reach post-season goals. Only, instead of the Rose Bowl, Purdue will be just trying to get to A bowl; ANY bowl. Besides, Clarett-Gate is just too much motivation for embarassed Buckeyes.
Ohio State 17, Purdue 16