Senior Journey: Brittany Rayburn

Guard Brittany Rayburn is next up on our "Senior Journey" season-long video series. She shares a breakthrough with her sciatic nerve issues, talks about her killer class schedule, her desire to be a vet and dishes on some teammates in her first installment.
Typically, we'll post Senior Journey videos on Fridays. But with basketball media days this week, we're going rapid-fire on you to speed up the rotation some.
So we'll follow up Rayburn with Robbie Hummel on Thursday, Drey Mingo on Friday and hopefully Ryne Smith and/or Lewis Jackson (maybe both if we get lucky at Big Ten media day) this weekend.
So keep checking back.
And in case you missed the first couple, here you go ...
Drey Mingo, Part One
Ryne Smith, Part One
Lewis Jackson, Part One