Hummel cleared

Concluding his second recovery from ACL surgery, Robbie Hummel has been cleared fully to play again.
"Passed all my tests today," Hummel posted on Twitter. "...I'm ready to get this going."
Friday, the Boilermaker fifth-year senior passed one final test with trainer Tim Grover of Attack Athletics in Chicago, leading to his clearance to resume full basketball activity.
Hummel had already been virtually unlimited in drillwork and in the weight room.
"He tried to do this last drill last Monday and couldn't quite get it done," Hummel's father, Glenn, said. "But it was at the conclusion of a two-hour workout. This time he did it a little fresher, only after about an hour working out."
The drill, in which Hummel had to jump off one platform to the ground before jumping back up onto another, was the final hurdle trainers set in place before giving him clearance to resume five-on-five play.
"They said, 'We can't put you through any tougher stress than what we just did,'" Glenn Hummel said, "so that was it."
Surgeon Dr. David Altcheck in New York had green-lighted Hummel earlier this summer, but trainers Grover and Purdue's Jeff Stein and new Boilermaker strength coach Josh Bonhotal have continued to seek progress in drillwork before signing off.
There's been no hurry whatsoever to get Hummel back on the court playing five-on-five and oddly, his clearance comes just as Purdue's players will be vacating campus following summer school.
"He's not even going to have anybody to play with anyway," Glenn Hummel joked.
Hummel redshirted last season after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament for the second time on the first day of official practice.
"He can do whatever now, as far as Tim as concerned," Glenn Hummel said, "and everyone's in agreement there.
"He's feeling really good."
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