Introducing GBI EXPRESS

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It was with great anticipation and excitement this week that we brought to you for the first time "Gold & Black Illustrated EXPRESS," our new weekly publishing platform during football and basketball seasons.
GBI EXPRESS is an online publication produced weekly during the heart of Purdue's sports seasons, taking the place of our weekly print magazine.
Gold & Black Illustrated as you've known it for the past two decades will continue to publish in the form of six yearly, full-color, glossy magazines to be printed every other month throughout the year, tackling the most compelling subject matter such as bowl season, NCAA Tournament time and football's national signing day.
But EXPRESS takes the place of our weekly tabloid publication.
Why the change?
Countless factors led to us making this move, but the absolute bottom line is that our new format allows us to get you the information you want when you want it. It's critical for us to be able to get you your magazine in a timely manner.
GBI EXPRESS is distributed electronically in PDF format, allowing you access to the magazine almost literally as soon as we're done running spell check.
During the 2010 football season, you'll have the magazine up on your screen before dinnertime every Wednesday.
If you've received our magazine in the mail in recent years, you may be aware of the difficulties we've had delivering you our publication in a timely, relevant manner.
This move alleviates all such concerns.
If we're previewing a Purdue-Notre Dame game, you will have your magazine right in front of you days before the Boilermakers and Fighting Irish kick off, rather than - in some cases - days or even weeks after the game's been played.
We can't emphasize enough that the most important factor here is that our new format gets your magazine to you as soon as possible.
How do you read the new magazine?
Each week, the PDF will be linked at for users to download in a matter of mere seconds.
It can then be read right there on your computer or even your mobile device.
And yes, the PDF can be read on an iPad, Kindle or Nook.
If you have provided us with your e-mail address, we'll send a bulletin at the time GBI EXPRESS posts which includes a direct link and your user name and password.
Are GBI EXPRESS and the same thing?
No, they are not.
GBI EXPRESS and remain separate products requiring separate subscriptions, but the new print format does allow us to integrate the two to make the GBI EXPRESS experience even better.
You'll find embedded in the magazine links to our player biographies, video, audio and much, much more.
How can you subscribe?
Click here.
We will process your order promptly and get you set up before next week's GBI EXPRESS is posted.
If you are an active John Purdue Club member, you already have access. Your username is your JPC membership number and your password is your last name (in all lower-case letters).
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