Purdue statement: No issues over Marve

In the wake of Yahoo! Sports' detailed exposé on alleged violations at the University of Miami, Purdue issued a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding quarterback Robert Marve, who was implicated in the report.
Marve, who transferred to Purdue from Miami, is alleged to have taken impermissible benefits from Hurricane booster Nevin Shapiro.
"Purdue University has been in communication with the NCAA regarding Tuesday's media report that mentions Robert Marve," Purdue's statement, released shortly before the conclusion of practice, read. "There are no issues with Purdue or eligibility issues with Robert. Purdue will have no further comment on this matter."
Translation: Purdue views it as no risk to play Marve as the NCAA's investigation into the Hurricane program is on-going. Allegations involving Marve.
Following practice, Coach Danny Hope was asked if he was comfortable playing Marve in the wake of the allegations.
"My concerns with Robert Marve are about his knee," Hope said.
Marve has been limited in practice as he continues to recover from last season's major knee injury. Hope has repeatedly expressed concern about his ability to play physically.
"We put out a statement," Hope continued. "Robert's done a great job at Purdue and we're proud of him. He's in great standing with us. We're worried about his knee and getting him ready to play."
Marve was one of 72 Hurricane athletes implicated in the Yahoo! Sports report.
When asked if any of these allegations came up when Purdue recruited Marve after he left Miami, Hope said, "No."
Hope said he did not speak with Marve about the matter Wednesday and that it did not create a distraction at practice.
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