GoldandBlack - Arni's Birthday Zoom: Mike Steele
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Arni's Birthday Zoom: Mike Steele

Mike Steele was a key role player for coach Fred Schaus from 1973-76.
Mike Steele was a key role player for coach Fred Schaus from 1973-76.

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We caught up with Mike Steele on his 67th birthday from his home in Greenville, N.C. Mike was a high school standout from Robinson, Ill., and key role player as a Boilermaker guard in the 1970s, including playing for the Boilermakers' 1974 NIT title team. After that, he made his mark as a college head coach at DePauw and East Carolina.

He has spent a three-decade career running his insurance business in Greenville, N.C. where he still works and lives yet still maintains many close ties to his alma mater and the sports world.

Steele, who survived a bout with COVID-19 this past summer talks about all the things he is thankful for. That includes his family, especially son Drew who thrives in the world with Down's Syndrome, Boilermaker basketball, surviving harrowing experiences while flying with basketball and much more.

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